Achieve an Award

NStEP has developed a national system of awards to recognise and reward the contribution of students to the enhancement of student engagement and partnerships with staff across Irish higher education.  These awards allow students to demonstrate and communicate the skills and experiences they have gained from taking up important roles and participating in NStEP’s training and development opportunities. 

Awards come in the form of a ‘digital badge’, which are verified and portable online, allowing the holder to share them across web platforms, such as LinkedIn, to demonstrate their achievements and the skills they have developed.

NStEP are NOT currently accepting reflective reports for Student Engagement Recognition Awards.


Milestone Awards and Certificates

Milestone awards and certificates are issued by NStEP for participating in, and completing, the following training and development opportunities.  Click on the various awards below to learn more!

Student Engagement
Recognition Awards

Milestone badges and certificates can be used to work toward one of NStEP’s national Student Engagement Recognition Awards. Student Engagement Recognition Awards recognise and reward the work student representatives do to improve Irish higher education and represent their peers. Click on the awards below to learn more about how they can be achieved.