Student Engagment National Organisation Network (SENON) is a network of national organisations with a mission related to student representation, student engagement and/or student-staff partnership – at the level of tertiary education (i.e. further and higher education). The network meets tri-annually.
NStEP is a member of this network.

Primary Focus of SENON

Factors that affect the quality of the learning experience of students in further education and higher education.

Activities and collaborations at a national level that are designed to promote and enhance student representation, student engagement and student-staff partnership.

The ways that national projects and agencies can contribute to enhancing this learning experience – for example, through promoting student representation, student engagement and student-staff partnership.

Aims and Objectives

To share and collaborate as national projects and agencies in the development and review of effective strategies for student engagement and partnership.

To explore ways of promoting the value of engaging students in partnership dialogue – in the further education and higher education sector.

To offer mutual support between group members, and through this support, equip and encourage those working in these and similar organisations.

To develop our shared understanding of national policy in member countries and others, to consider strategies to influence policy, and to support students and student organisations in responding to policy.

To share information and learning between members to help further these aims.