Reflection on Class Rep Role

This reflective report is for Class Reps who are working to complete the final step (step 3) toward achieving a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.  The questions below ask you to reflect on your work as a class rep for the 2020-2021 academic year, focusing on areas such as your achievements, challenges you experienced, and identifying supports that helped you (or would have helped you) in the role. Responses will anonymised by NStEP.  At the end of the form you will also be asked to upload evidence that you have successfully completed the first two milestones toward achieving this award (steps one and two).  

A guide to the reflective report can be found in the orange box below.  This document should be used to prepare your reflective report before going to the online submission form.  We recommend that you prepare your answers to the reflection questions in a word processor in advance, and ensure you have all supporting documentation at hand before you proceed to the online form.  This will ensure that you can easily input your answers, written statements, and upload files into the form.

NStEP is undertaking a new Academic Representation Project.  This will involve a national report on the experiences, successes, and challenges faced by student representatives across Irish higher education.

When submitting your reflective report, we hope that you will opt-in to have your written report included in an analysis of issues and experiences of class reps as part of this project. We will anonymise the reports we receive and analyse them for trends and themes across higher education. The report will help us to communicate about class rep experiences to national policy makers, senior leaders across institutions, students’ unions, higher education staff, and other students.

The deadline to submit this form is midnight on 30 April 2021.

NStEP will review and verify submissions throughout April and May, with awards issued on an ongoing basis throughout this period.

In case you encounter any technical difficulties when submitting your completed form, we strongly recommend that you save your answers on a word document before attempting to submit them on the form. Please notify us of any difficulties via email at  We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Guide to Completing the Reflective Report

This guide will help you prepare your submission in advance of using the online submission form.  It contains an overview of questions and advice on how to ensure your submission is successful.


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