The National Student Engagement Programme is delighted to announce that bookings are now open for Representing Diversity, Introductory and Advanced Class Rep Training for the spring semester!

Representing Diversity is aimed at class reps, and students more broadly involved in representing their peers, have a crucial role in ensuring that higher education is an inclusive and welcoming place, where every voice is heard and every student can become involved in shaping their learning experience.  This training introduces tools and resources that will help students effectively represent their diverse classmates and empower fellow students from all backgrounds and lived experiences to get involved in student engagement in decision-making.

Advanced Class Rep Training is designed for returning or experienced reps who have previously completed NStEP’s Introductory Class Rep Training.  This training explores tools used to navigate challenges in the learning community, as well as the LAPS strategy for embedding effective leadership, communication, partnership, and succession planning into the rep role.

Additional ‘open’ Introductory Class Rep Training sessions will also offered by NStEP towards the end of each semester to accommodate those who may have been unable to attend training organised at their college.

Introductory Class Rep Training is the starting point for reps who wish to work towards a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.

Reps will be able to choose from a number of sessions using the ‘Book Training’ facility on NStEP’s Student Portal.
All training sessions are 90 minutes and will be delivered online via Zoom.