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Welcome to the new NStEP Case Study Hub where you will find examples of good practice in student engagement and student-staff partnerships from across Irish higher education. 

At NStEP we believe the best way to enhance student engagement in higher education is to support students and staff to share with and learn from one another...

Below you will find lots of inspiring examples of sharing, learning, and collaboration to support you on your own student partnership journeys.

Student-Staff Partnerships in Action

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This student-led project brought together students, academics, and the wider community to promote childhood physical health.

Authors: Andrew Cummiskey, Maria Kelly, and Grace O’Malley

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Impact of Commuting on the Student Experience

This student-staff research project aimed to improve the experience of students who commute to college.

Authors: Margaret Keogh, Beth McKeague, and Denis Casey

Maynooth University

Student Teacher Educational Research (STER)

This project supports students to develop research skills while leading the co-publication of an academic journal, conference and podcast.

Authors: Aimie Brennan

Marino Institute of Education

Diversifying the Curriculum: Building MultiStories

A collaborative project between academics, librarians, and students led to a wider institutional impact on inclusive knowledge creation.

Authors: Fionnuala Darby and Lindsay Dowling

Technological University Dublin

TIPToP Conference

This student-staff partnership supports transferable skills development through the co-creation of a biomedical science conference.

Authors: Lesley Cotter and Bridget Lucey

Munster Technological University

Our Student Voice

This student-staff project evolved to develop training and resources to guide student representatives to be effective and able to fully engage in their roles.

Authors: TUDSU and TU Dublin staff

Technological University Dublin

Student Partnership Approach to Staff Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This case study outlines the development and implementation of a Staff CPD session to enhance staff understanding of reasonable accommodations for students.

Authors: Amanda Crotty, Henrique Lima, Sophie Perrott, Aileen Kennedy, Siobhan Mac Garry, Valerie Moore, and Margaret Finch

Munster Technological University

Student Engagement in Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Novel Hyflex Technologies to Enhance Classroom Student Engagement

Working in partnership with students, this enhancement project led to co-created engagement methods in the classroom.

Authors: Sinéad Hurley, Thomas Buckley, Delfina Mancebo Guinea Arquez, and Debbi Stanistreet

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Afri Hedge School: Annual Human Rights Hedge School

Over a number of years, this student-staff collaborative Hedge School has deepened learning in human rights, challenging racism, and sustainable development.

Authors: Liam McGlynn and Garreth Smith

Technological University Dublin

PoCUS Ultrasound Education in the Undergraduate Curriculum

In this case study, staff collaborated with 5th year radiology students to create student-led ultrasound workshops for 3rd years.

Authors: Claire Condron, Miroslav Voborsky, and John Karp

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professional Development and Graduate Attributes within Pharmacy Technician Studies

This project engaged students in the development of graduate attributes, leading to collaborative charitable and skills development initiatives.

Authors: Tao Zhang, Julie Dunne, Kathy Young, Gemma Kinsella, and Seána Hogan

Technological University Dublin

Teach Digi Podcast: "Ag Caint"

This student-staff partnership aimed to support staff professional development and student engagement in digital teaching and learning.

Authors: Clíodhna O’Callaghan and Stephen O’Riordan

University College Cork

A Collaborative Approach to Designing and Implementing Student-Staff Partnership Work

This student-staff partnership aimed to design and deliver a student-staff partnership project relating to the Academic Learning Centre (ALC).

Authors: Deirdre Casey and Cliona Hatano

Munster Technological University

Student Partnership Approaches to Assessment

Student Partnership in Assessment (SaPiA)

This case study explores the wider concept of SaPiA and outlines how this informed student-staff assessment projects in DCU.

Author: Rob Lowney

Dublin City University

BALI - Building Assessment Literacy Initiatives

This student-staff partnership co-produced resources and supports to enhance assessment and feedback practices.

Authors: Cliona Hatano, William Carey, and Sinéad Huskisson

Munster Technological University

Student Partnership in Assessment Design

This reflective case study from a teacher and a student demonstrates the power of partnership in assessment.

Authors: Margaret Finch and Saffron Williams

Munster Technological University

Student Assessors for Pharmacy Technician Practical Assessments

This case study promotes the value of student-led assessment to deepen learning and enhance practical work-based experience.

Authors: Diane Patterson and Niamh Dillon

Technological University of the Shannon

Addressing Racism Through Advocacy in Action

In this student-staff co-created continuous assessment project, the outcomes for learning and societal change stemmed from inclusivity and participation.

Author: Georgina Lawlor

Technological University Dublin

Institutional Approaches to Assessment and Feedback Literacy

This case study demonstrates that assessment and feedback can provide a wider opportunity to enhance student partnership practices across the institution.

Authors: Margaret Finch and Aileen Kennedy

Munster Technological University

SURG-Ed: A Global Surgery Research Module through Student Partnership

This case study outlines the co-creation of a global surgey research skills module between staff and students of RCSI and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Authors: Dr Jakub Gajewski, Dr. Chiara Pittalis, Celina Flocks Monaghan, and Sophia Downey

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Instituting a Student-Led Street Medicine Program

RCSI students developed and co-created the RCSI Street Medicine Programme which aimed to inform the development of a social inclusion medicine curriculum and established a street medicine volunteer organisation.

Authors: Caitríona O’Sullivan, Logan Verlaque, Matt King, Matt Linvil, Aisling Walsh, and Gráinne Cousins

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Developing Student-Led Peer Support

Peer Learning and Student Partnership

The CCT Peer Mentoring Academy has evolved and deepened student partnership approaches that support the wider student body.

Authors: Aldana Louzan Aldani and Marie O’Neill

CCT College Dublin

CÉIM Shared Learning

This students’ union-led initiative provides a peer-assisted learning model to over 2000 students annually.

Authors: Amber Walsh Olesen and Niamh Tobin

University of Galway

P2P Peer to Peer Support - Students Helping Students

Peer to Peer at SETU Carlow has developed partnership in action through student-led production of peer publications and resources.

Authors: Mary Boylan, Helena Fitzgerald, Yvonne Kavanagh, David Denieffe, and Alannah Somers

South East Technological University

Peer Programming and Mentoring at MTU

This case study outlines the development and implementation of a pilot student mentoring programme aimed for first year Computing students to increase student engagement and community-building.

Author: Claire Horgan

Munster Technological University

Student Voices: Peer Support in Module Selection for Online Education Students

This project centred on creating an opportunity for online students to meet in an online setting allowing for knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Authors: Sinéad Lynch and Sarah Blacoe-Dyas

Dublin City University

Surviving First Year: Peer-Led University Transition Programme

This case study analysed a student engagement initiative that took place in MTU Kerry with undergraduate Health Sport and Exercise Science students that explored the challenges associated with the transition from second to third level education.

Author: Siobhán Griffin

Munster Technological University

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