The National Student Engagement Programme is delighted to announce that bookings are now being accepted for Introductory Class Rep Training for the 2023-24 academic year.

This training is ideal for reps who are new to the role, reps who have not yet completed the training, or any rep who wishes to take introductory training again as a refresher.  Introductory training will be run primarily through institution/SU based sessions, with additional open sessions offered by NStEP towards the end of each semester to accommodate those who may have been unable to attend training organised at their college. NStEP is also pleased to announce that in-person Introductory Class Rep Training will be offered on a limited basis in Semester One.

Introductory training is the starting point for reps who wish to work towards a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.

Institutions and Students’ Unions who participate in NStEP may now request training sessions using our online booking form.  Our detailed booking guide provides useful advice and important information on the booking process.



NStEP’s Full Student Training Offering for 2023-24

Introductory Class Rep Training is only one of many training opportunities NStEP provides to support the work of class reps and students involved more broadly in student engagement and partnership initiatives.

The Advanced Class Rep Training (ACRT) module was successfully launched in Autumn 2022. This training will be delivered as open sessions, which offers reps the opportunity to network and share experiences with peers from other institutions. Each training session will be facilitated by our team of experienced student trainers and will be delivered in a 90-minute online format. Advanced Class Rep Training is ideal for any rep who has already completed NStEP’s Introductory Class Rep Training (ICRT) and has experience in the role (e.g., as a returning rep). Content focuses on navigating challenges, leadership in the class rep role, and communication skills. It also explores building student-staff partnerships and succession strategies for transitions to new reps. Reps will be able to choose from a number of sessions using the ‘Book Training’ facility on NStEP’s Student Portal.

Representing Diversity Training (RDT) will run as open sessions delivered online during semester 2 of the academic year 2023-24 and can be booked by reps directly on the ‘Book Training’ section of NStEP’s Student Portal. This training introduces tools and resources that will assist class reps to effectively represent their diverse classmates and to empower fellow students to get involved in student engagement and decision-making. This module will continue to count towards the requirements to achieve a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.

‘Open’ Introductory Class Rep Training sessions will also return for 2023-24 towards the end of each semester to provide opportunities for reps who may have been unable to attend training organised at their college. Online self-study modules also form a core component of NStEP’s training.

The chart below provides an overview of NStEP’s Student Training Programme offerings for 2023-24.