Shortly after the Covid-19 shutdown began, NStEP published Quick Guides for Class Representatives and for Staff Who Teach to support their transition to student engagement in a difficult new reality. Following on from those Guides, NStEP has now published a new short report on Institutional Approaches to Student Engagement, as well as accompanying Quick Guides on Staff-Student Committees (SSCs). These resources are aimed at assisting staff, students, and institutions to find short-term solutions to student engagement issues, while also informing thinking in the medium-term as planning begins for an uncertain 2020/2021 academic year.

New Report on Institutional Approaches

The Institutional Approaches to Student Engagement during Covid-19 report focuses on formal and semi-formal student engagement, recognising that more formal opportunities for student participation are required to ensure that informal approaches are strengthened and underpinned. Staff and students are under huge strain at the moment, both professionally and personally, so maintaining communication and feedback that can either be acted upon now or reflected upon later will assist in a smooth institutional exit from the shutdown.

‘Strengthening and adapting student engagement practices now will not only assist in mitigating disruption and maximising communication, but will also contribute to long term collaboration between staff and students as new practices are embedded.’

The report looks at five key areas where student engagement would normally be supported and fostered. These are the modular level, programme level, departments, professional support units, and institutionally.

Quick Guides for Staff-Student Committees (SSCs)

The report is supported by two new accompanying Quick Guides for Staff-Student Committees or SSCs. These SSCs could relate to a range of formal and semi-formal settings within institutional governance and quality assurance, including existing student participation in Programme Boards or Committees, and initiatives like Student-Staff Forums or Liaison Committees. The new Quick Guides may assist staff and students to continue to operate these committees in an online environment, or may offer some guidance on the creation of new or temporary committee meeting settings where meaningful conversations on the impact of the Covid-19 shutdown can be had.

Quick Guide for Effective Staff-Student Committees

Quick Guide on Hosting Online Staff-Student Committees

To view other resources, including Quick Guides on Student Engagement for higher education staff, visit our Resources page.

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