The National Student Engagement Programme (NStEP) is pleased to publish the first in series of resources that aim to support both students and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Higher education globally faces significant challenges as a result of the almost instant transition to online teaching and learning, assessment, and student support services. Staff are under huge pressure to move delivery online after the face-to-face environment disappeared overnight. Students too have had to adapt their learning, working in conditions that are not conducive to assessments. This has created a particular difficulty for traditional student representation structures.

NStEP has published two Quick Guides. The first is for Class Reps, providing tips and pointers on how they might continue to function in their role during such a crucial time for the student voice. It is imperative that Reps be able to continue to raise the voice of their peers and play their part in the governance of their institutions, not least because so much is changing.

The second Quick Guide is primarily for Staff Who Teach, and includes tips on how they might ensure effective student engagement practices are maintained during this time. While higher education goes through so much upheaval, staff who teach are on the front line of communication, feedback, and indeed, collaboration with students. 

Quick Guide for Class Reps

Quick Guide for Staff Who Teach

NStEP will be launching further resources soon. For further publications, including guides for all staff across higher education, visit: our Resources section.