Student Training Programme 2018 kicks off

NStEP Workstream 1: Student Training Programme

NStEP Aim 1: To develop student capabilities to engage in quality enhancement and assurance activities at all levels of the higher education system.

NStEP Trainers

The National Student Training Programme involves two componenta: a training event for Students’ Unions; and the Class Rep training programme. 

Training for Students’ Unions

This training event is designed for Students’ Union Presidents, Education Officers, Engagement Officers and staff. It explores Quality Assurance policies and the role of students in them, Student Partnerships and Teaching & Learning enhancement.

When: Thursday August 23rd (10am to 4pm)

Where: Dublin Business School, Georges St., Dublin 2 

Registration: NStEP SU Event Registration

Class Rep Training Programme 2018

The National Student Engagement Programme has delivered introductory training to Class Reps since September 2016. The 2018 programme introduces training for taught postgraduates and online students. The training is delivered by a pool of full time undergraduate and postgraduate students based across the country.

The booking form is available here: Class Rep Training Bookings

Institutions and Students’ Unions who have signed up to NStEP may book up to 5 sessions on the booking form. Two online briefings are also scheduled to go through the training content and best practice recommendations from previous years. The briefings will be delivered over google hangouts on Tuesday August 7th at 11am and Wednesday August 29th at 2pm. Support is also available from the NStEP coordinator contactable on

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