Online Materials for Introductory Class Rep Training

We value your feedback!

As you wait for the training session to begin, please fill out section 1 of the anonymous feedback form, which can be accessed by the link below.  It only takes a few minutes to complete, and helps NStEP to continually evaluate and improve the training we provide.  Keep the feedback form open during the training session, so that you can complete section 2 at the end.

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Resource 1: What is Student Engagement?

Consider the following as you watch the video:

  • Can you provide an example of student engagement or partnership in your department / faculty / school?
  • If not, can you identify an area where you wish there was greater student engagement or partnership?

Resource 2: The Student Learning Experience (SLE)

Consider the following as you watch the video:

  • Can you think of positive feedback on your course relating to the six areas of the SLE?
  • What are some aspects of your learning experience that you think could be improved, and where might these fit into the SLE?

A more detailed resource on the Student Learning Experience can be accessed using the following links:

The Student Learning Experience for Undergraduate Courses / Programmes

The Student Learning Experience for Postgraduate Taught Courses / Programmes


Resource 3: Presenting Feedback – Scenario 1

Consider the following as you watch the video:

  • What do you think went well in this meeting?
  • What might have been done differently? 

Resource 4: Presenting Feedback – Scenario 2

Consider the following as you watch the video:

  • In what ways does the class rep use the ABCDs of Effective Feedback?
  • Compare the outcomes of this meeting to the first video. What went well?

    Resource 5: Presentation Slides

    Click on the image to the right to download a copy of the presentation slides for undergraduate students