#AskTeamNStEP – Submit Your Query!

At the National Student Engagement Programme we recognise that staff and students are working in difficult circumstances to maintain effective communication and collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of NStEP’s effort to support the sector staff and students can now use our #AskTeamNStEP query system for support and advice on student engagement and partnership practices. Find out more below!

Planning meaningful and systematic student engagement and partnership practices in higher education may get a little lost with all the change and upheaval at the moment. At NStEP we recognise that staff and students are working hard to adapt to the new online reality and we want you to know that we’re here to help!

  • Are you a class rep who is struggling to gain feedback from your classmates?
  • Are you a lecturer moving your course content online and unsure about how to involve students in the decision-making process?
  • Are you a student who would like to work with your classmates and lecturers to improve communication?
  • Are you a staff member in professional support services feeling a bit disconnected from the students and staff you are there to support?

Our team of staff and students are here to answer your student engagement and partnership queries whether you are a student, a class rep, students’ union representative, teaching staff, senior manager, or professional support staff! NStEP is keen to support effective student engagement practices during this time of upheaval and rapid change across higher education – we won’t have all the answers, but we do have plenty of tips and tricks that you could use to more effectively support collaboration and communication between staff and students.

Submit your query to the NStEP team below, and one of our staff members or student trainers will get back to you as soon as possible to offer some support.

Please note that our #AskTeamNStEP query system is confidential. However, we would ask that you do not submit names or identifying details of any persons.

We will not assist with personal, academic or welfare issues related to an individual person’s education or employment. Our query system is entirely for addressing issues of engagement and partnership between students and staff. For personal queries or issues it is best to get in touch with the relevant support or advice service within your institution, or to get in touch with your local students’ union.