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Before the training session starts, please fill out Section 1 of the anonymous feedback form, which can be accessed using the link below. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and helps NStEP to continually evaluate and improve the training we provide.

Please keep the feedback form open during the training session so that you can complete Section 2 at the end.

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Resource 1: Key Contacts Check List

Use this checklist as a template for recording all the key contacts you will need in your role as a class rep.  You can adapt this throughout your time as a rep to meet the needs of the role, and is helpful as a reference document or for passing on to other reps.  The checklist is downloadable as a PDF file or Excel file.  

Resource 2: What is Empathy?

As class representative you’ll develop the skills to filter through the facts of an issue. You’ll learn to connect, be objective, recognise emotion and support students.  

You won’t always have the answers; everyone is on their own path but you can be a signpost.

Resource 3: Downloadable / Printable Communication Handbooks

Class Rep Email Handbook:

  • Provides useful suggestions on good email practice and etiquette
  • Contains useful templates that can be adapted and tailored to your needs as a rep.

Social Media Platforms Handbook:

  • Contains an overview of useful social media platforms for class reps
  • Includes useful tips for getting your message across and making sure it stands out!

Resource 4: Downloadable Class Rep Diary Template

Use this Class Representative Diary as a template for recording and logging:

  • Meetings with classmates
  • Meetings with staff
  • Issues encountered
  • Committees you sit on and your responsibilities

This diary is not only useful for your own records, but can be passed onto a new rep as part of your succession planning strategy!

Resource 5: Additional Resources / Opportunities

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