NStEP’s Student Training Programme is currently in full swing, and NStEP will continue to deliver a busy training schedule during the autumn semester up to 16th December.  Institutions and Students’ Unions who have not yet booked Introductory Class Rep Training can book sessions using the training request form. Please direct any queries regarding available training options to Rachael Sarsfield Ryan, Development Coordinator, at nstepdevelopment@usi.ie

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Feedback from participants has consistently highlighted the Student Training Programme’s value, with 99% of class reps trained thus far this year reporting that they would recommend the training to their peers and rating our student trainers as 4.7 out of 5 stars. Turnout to training sessions this year has been high for both in-person and online sessions.

NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training was very beneficial and all the verbal feedback from class reps afterwards
was positive! I appreciated the interactive / college specific elements. The two trainers were absolutely amazing
and gave lots of feedback and advice specific to our college. Would absolutely bring them back in a heartbeat!

Kimberly Austin, President of St. Angela’s College Students’ Union.

Further Training Opportunities

There are a number of further training opportunities for students to book directly using NStEP’s Student Portal. All our training options are peer-facilitated by our team of student trainers and delivered in a 90 minute online format over Zoom.


‘Open’ Introductory Class Rep Training

We understand that sometimes reps may be unable to attend Introductory Class Rep Training organised by their institution / students’ union. A number of ‘open’ introductory training sessions are centrally run by NStEP towards the end of each semester to provide additional opportunities for reps to participate in this popular training module. This module is also the starting point for reps who wish to work towards a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.  Reps from any of NStEP’s participating institutions / SUs are welcome to sign up for a session that best fits their schedule using the booking portal

Advanced Class Rep Training

This training is designed to support growth in the rep role for returning reps who have previously completed NStEP’s Introductory Class Rep Training. Advanced Class Rep Training explores tools to help reps navigate challenges in the learning community and how to embed effective leadership, communication, partnership, and succession planning strategies into the class rep role. Class reps can book themselves directly into sessions that suit their schedule using the booking portal.

Representing Diversity Training

This training introduces tools and resources to help students effectively represent their diverse classmates and empower peers from all backgrounds and lived experiences to get involved in student engagement in decision-making. Core content includes recognising bias, understanding discrimination, universal design for learning, and signposting/supports. This training is available to any students in a representative role. Representing Diversity will be available in the spring semester only.

Online Modules

Online self-study modules are available in the Student Portal. Modules include: ‘Understanding the Student Learning Experience’, ‘StudentSurvey.ie and You’ and the newly released ‘LAPS Strategy for Representation’. The completion of any online module counts towards the requirements to achieving a Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.