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NStEP Class Rep Training Materials:

(Please note some of the materials below are from the 2018 Class Rep Training programme. There will only be minor edits made to these materials ahead of the 2019 training schedule).

Undergraduate Class Rep Training

Workbook NStEP Workbook 2019

Slideshow NStEP CRT Introductory 2019

Feedback form NStEP CRT Feedback Form 2019

Certificate of Recognition – NStEP Intro CRT Certificate

Sign in – NStEP CRT Sign in Sheet

Postgraduate Class Rep Training

Workbook – NStEP CRT 2018 PGT Workbook

Slideshow – NStEP PGT CRT 2018 Slides

Feedback form – NStEP CRT 2018 Evaluation form

Online Class Rep Training

Slideshow NStEP OCRT 2018 Training Slides S1

Feedback form – Online CRT Feedback Form 2018