Student QA Reviewer’s Pool


The National Student QA Reviewers Pool has been established by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). The call for applications to the pool reopened on March 1st 2018. Pool members will receive training from NStEP, QQI and USI on quality assurance in Irish Higher Education and the quality review procedures.

The Student QA Reviewer’s Pool is made up of students from 16 different HEIs who have been trained by QQI and USI. The database includes the profiles of each reviewer. To request a student reviewer please read the guide and complete the form below.


Student Reviewer Request Form



2018 Call for Reviewers

The Call for Reviewers can be found here: Student Reviewer Pool Call 2018

As the Pool is proving very popular recruitment will continue and a number of training dates will be scheduled for the 2018/2019 academic year.

To apply please complete the form found here: National Student QA Reviewer Pool Application Form

For further information contact

2017 National Student QA Reviewer Pool Training

The first pool training was hosted by National College of Ireland on October 6th 2017. The 18 participants were from 8 different HEIs and study a wide variety of disciplines.

Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) introduced Quality Assurance and explained the work they do. Watch their introductory video here:

The Union of Student in Ireland (USI) explored the role of students in Quality Assurance with the participants.

About Quality and Qualifications Ireland 

Quality and Qualifications Ireland is a state agency established by the Quality Assurance and Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 2012 with a board appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills.

Their functions include those previously carried out by the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC); the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC); the Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB) and the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI).

In the area of qualifications, they are responsible for maintaining the ten-level NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) are an awarding body, setting standards for awards made in the NFQ. They validate education and training programmes and make extensive awards in the Further Education and Training sector including in the Education and Training Boards as well as in the Higher Education private sector. They also provide advice on recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland and on the recognition of Irish qualifications abroad.

In the area of quality assurance, QQI is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of quality assurance in further and higher education providers in Ireland. This includes the universities, institutes of technology, Education and Training Boards and providers in the private further and higher education and training sectors (availing of QQI awards). The outcomes of these external reviews are published on the website