Seán Whelan

Seán Whelan is going in to his second year as a Electronic Engineering student in Technological University Dublin Tallaght Campus. He became involved in his Students’ Union from day one in college, becoming a class rep, and has now been elected as the SU’s part-time Entertainments Officer.

Tell us a bit about yourself Seán!

I’m a second year Electronic Engineering student in TUD Tallaght Campus and have lived in Palmerstown, Dublin all my life. I have been a class rep for the last year and was elected Entertainments Officer for the Tallaght campus Students’ Union for 2019-20. Leaving college I would hope to remain somewhat part of bettering the student experience.

Tell us more about your experience of being a Class Rep last year?

As I mentioned above, I’ve been a class rep for a year. I have a small class of about 15 so getting to know each classmate was a lot easier than if it was a bigger class. I feel because of this I was able to deal with any and all issues that were raised by the class. Whether it was securing extra tutorials, or getting a lecture arranged, to post notes on Moodle, or even assisting classmates who were struggling with our course. Being able to approach and work with the Department head to seek extra help for students was very rewarding. I think the most important thing to me is making sure that all students get the most out of their student experience.

Why did you want to get involved in student engagement and training?

So, on my first day I took a wander over to our Students’ Union. I had been told about what Students’ Unions are by my guidance counselor in secondary school. I went straight to over to our SU President and asked how can I get involved. From that day I joined the Ents (Entertainments) Crew and became rep for my class. Throughout the year I helped out the SU the best that I could and then at the end of the year I was tagged on a Facebook post about becoming an NStEP Student Trainer – I knew I had to apply!

You’re also quite busy outside of your time at college?

Yes! I spend a lot of time volunteering in Larch Hill International Scout and Guide Centre, which as the title suggests is a scout and guide centre in the Wicklow Mountains. I’ve been a scout since I was 15. I also along with a good pal of mines set up a Rovers society.

Student Training Programme 2019

The 2019 Student Training Programme is now open for bookings. Our team of Student Trainers will be criss-crossing the country to train up hundreds of class representatives. To book your institutional training sessions you can find out more here. For queries please contact