Scott Green

Scott Green is a General Science (Computing Science Major) student who joins the NStEP Student Trainer team from NUI Galway, bringing years of experience of representing students in their class and in various roles in the Students’ Union. Scott is involved in the local organising of Galway Pride and is also a budding poet!

Tell us a bit about yourself Scott!

I’m from Kiltevna a part of Galway so rural I’ve given up on trying to tell people where it is. I’m in the final year of my Undergrad and when I’ve graduated I’d love to break into the video games industry in some capacity. I also have some poetry put aside that I intend to put into a collection and get published if I’m lucky.

So you’ve got quite a lot of experience representing students?

Yes, I’ve been a class rep for several of my modules before – all the way through my three years so far. I’ve also been Convenor for the College of Science in NUI Galway Students’ Union and I am also the current SU Council Chairperson. I’ve held positions on numerous society and university committees and so have plenty of experience vindicating for the rights of students and amplifying their voice as well as being involved in protests and demonstrations and their planning.

Why did you apply to get involved in student engagement with NStEP?

I wanted to get involved because the student movement has given back a lot to me personally and professionally and has enabled me to meet many inspiring people. I want to use this role to offer people a route in so they can experience the same.

Apart from student representation, you’re pretty busy!

In college I’m involved with the writing society and the journalist society as well as the fencing club. Outside of that I run and play D&D, write poetry and buy new books and games to go beside the older ones I haven’t opened yet. I’ve also been involved with Galway Pride this year holding the committee position of Fundraising Coordinator.