Catherine Ann Kane

Cat Kane is a Music and Religious Education student in Dublin City University who joined the NStEP Student Trainer team in 2019. Cat has been a class representative for the past few years and has also been very active in student societies during her time in college.

Cat, tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences as a class rep?

I am a 21 year old secondary school teacher in training. I love college and as soon as I arrived on my first day 4 years ago I knew getting involved in every way I could was going to make college feel like a home from home – and I was right! I have been a class rep for two years, a societies officer last year and now an NStEP trainer this year!

I have always been involved in my Students’ Union and I have loved every minute of it. I have gotten to see some amazing class reps that are a driving force. This year I am so excited to take my knowledge and help others on a national level and learn some new techniques too! 

So, your experiences led you to apply to be an NStEP Student Trainer?

Absolutely! I am a big believer that a student’s voice is the most important voice of all within a third level institution. Helping students become the best class representative they can be is such an amazing opportunity. Some students are born leaders and its so exciting to be in their presence and hear all the fantastic things they hope to achieve in their role.

You also mentioned that you were the Societies Officer?

Societies are a major part of my college experience and getting to be Societies Officer was an opportunity I never thought I’d have. Each society and club has made their hobby a family for all which is so beautiful to witness. Getting to be involved in DCU Drama for 3 years and just being elected to the Mental Health Society is a dream come true!!!