Responding to Covid-19

#AskTeamNStEP – NStEP launches new resources to support staff and students during Covid-19

As staff and students across Irish higher education adapt and transition to new ways of teaching, learning, and assessment, at NStEP we know that student engagement and staff-student communication will be challenging given the circumstances. To support meaningful and effective student engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic NStEP has launched some new Quick Guides for Class Reps and Staff who Teach as well as an online campaign to encourage staff and students, no matter their role, to get in touch. The NStEP team is here to help, so we’re encouraging you to #AskTeamNStEP! Find out more below.

New NStEP Quick Guides for Class Reps and Staff Who Teach

Higher education staff are now creating and delivering teaching from their own homes, juggling family commitments, while trying to ensure students are reassured about the impending assessment period. Meanwhile students are learning in their accommodation, or are back in the family home, trying to adapt their learning to environments that aren’t as conducive as libraries or group study spaces. Student engagement and effective feedback is undoubtedly more difficult in this new reality, never mind ensuring that staff and students can collaborate on key decisions and projects.

Our new NStEP Quick Guides provide some key ideas and pointers for both Class Reps and Staff who Teach, to support efforts to maintain effective communication between staff and students during the pandemic.

#AskTeamNStEP – Submit your student engagement queries!

As staff and students adapt, here at NStEP we wanted to make ourselves available to support you through the challenges ahead. How can institutions ensure student engagement remains evident and central through decision making? How can Class Reps ensure that changes to assessment practices are made in consultation and collaboration with students? How can staff ensure the student voice is heard through their work when there is such limited time to make vast changes and implement them?

We won’t have all the answers, but we are here to help. Even the smallest of solutions can have the biggest of impacts when staff and students work together to achieve them. Our team of staff and student trainers here at NStEP are available to discuss your queries, concerns, and ideas.

Simply submit a query on the #AskTeamNStEP online form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also get in touch on Twitter @NStEPie and let us know about your student engagement experiences during the pandemic.

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